Hire Me

The following are jobs for which you can request my help:

  • Editing – Expect to pay half up front and half after I complete the job. Levels of editing include:
    • General overview editing – I’ll locate and explain the over-arching problems with your writing. $10 per hour (except for long papers, this should take no more than one hour). $10 minimum.
    • Medium editing – general overview + consistency and structural issues, rearranging paragraphs, and strengthening weak points. $15 per hour, $15 minimum.
    • Detailed editing – all of the above, line-by-line editing, spelling and grammar, etc. This is best done in person. $20 per hour or $25 if in person, $20 minimum.
  • Guest Speaker – People who write seem to like talking about the craft. It’s a weird quirk of ours. Price is negotiable.
  • Data Transcription and/or Data Entry – Three and a half years of experience made me more detail-oriented than most who claim the skill. Price is negotiable.
  • Guest post – On your website. Price is negotiable.