Which One?

I’m toying with a few book hooks (the “elevator pitch” that makes a potential book agent or publisher want your book). I want your input: Do any of these make you want to read more? Does one stand out as strongest/weakest? Or do they all make you “pity the fool” who tries to sell them? What suggestions/ideas/opinions do you have? Please note this is for a middle grade book (8-12 years old).

  1. Magical Law Enforcement might say the kidnapping was the work of the warlocks, but they don’t know this is only the first of many encounters Jonathan Bluestone will have.
  2. Never die at the hands of a warlock. Never meet one, in fact. If you must, bring your knowledge of magic and tale transcendents or your encounter could go like Jonathan’s.
  3. Encounters with warlocks never go well. Places burn down, people go missing, life goes awry. Armed with magic – fire, earth, water, or wind – and perhaps a few fairy tales, a multitude of myths, or a ton of talltales, perhaps the encounter can go well. Perhaps. Unless your name is Jonathan Bluestone and you don’t realize what’s happening right under your nose.
  4. One time is a kidnapping. One time is a break-in. One time is a slip of paper, but you never want to face a warlock on your own. That could be deadly.

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