Following my site for more than a few months reveals an obvious pattern. I write the following: “I don’t post very often and I’m going to do better because I’ve resolved to do so.” Then, I consistently write posts over the next weeks or months, followed by a giant, gaping chasm of nothingness during which you get zero to one posts over the course of a whole year (half a year if you’re lucky), and this nothingness because I’ve remembered that for some (probably mental) reason, blog posting kills my book-writing time and vice versa.

The pattern repeats, and repeats. And repeats. And repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats. Time and again and again and a time until one day when it seems like the cycle might break.


The last major tdspeirs.com surgical operation (aka website redesign) saw “Scribbles” replace “blog.” The intent was for me to share ideas, snippets, cool discoveries (usually pertaining to tale transcendents), full-fledged posts, etc. where the sky is literally the limit (if one nonillion light years away is still considered to be sky).


Because I’ve got a grand total of (X marks the number) of subscribers, I have so far felt unable to use Scribbles how I want to – what healthy person in their right mind would subscribe to a glorified blog  filled with unfleshed out posts and ideas or posts where a couple of sentences vaguely connect global legends and fairy tales? Especially if that person writes in run-on sentences and knowningly ungrammatically correct the english?

Well that’s what I want of Scribbles. It’s what I’ve wanted for quite some time. But my current email notifications system is hard to bypass, meaning every single Scribble would send out a notification to followers (no they wouldn’t be every day, but still…it’s the idea/concept/pesterence). At first I considered a workaround method that is such a hassle that I haven’t even attempted putting it into action – make my site “private” only long enough to bypass email notifications when I post a new Scribble.

Now, I have decided that upon giving everyone fair warning (e.g. maybe not more than a few minutes past the writing of this post – or decades, it could be decades, let’s be honest!), I will use my Scribbles how I want to, and have wanted to, and futuristically will want to. And if you don’t unsubscribe from the email notifications, you will receive notice every. single. time. I. post. a. new. one.

Of course if you followed my blog for very long, you’re used to the idea of me revamping my site and rededicating to posting more often and all that jazz. But this time, I’m warning you! If you remain subscribed, there may be sentence-long emails or full-fledged posts, and even those might not be complete. You can expect occasional “normal” posts, thought-out ideas that don’t receive further revising or elaboration, but don’t plan on it. Don’t expect them.

Do not receive email notifications from me based on the premise that most “Scribbles” will continue to be infrequent, well-thought blog posts, because they won’t. More likely you’ll continue to get my traditional (and occasional) posts and real Scribbles, because “that’s who I am,” so…this.

And that is probably the longest-winded post you’ll see for a while (actually, until the tenth anniversary of my site?).

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